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Your oral health care should never be taken for granted, as it is often the difference between a damaged smile and a glittering masterpiece. Even the smallest specifics can have lasting effects on your smile.

Create an improved oral health identity with better health care. If your oral health care requires assistance, remember the following:

– Be careful when putting your oral health at risk during times of exercise or contact sports, so wear safety equipment.

– Make use of oral health cleaning products that feature the ADA Seal of Acceptance or recommended and approved by your dentist.

– Get rid of unhealthy habits like smoking, drinking, and using drugs.

– Make sure to eat healthy, nutritious, and balanced meals every day that are free from excess sugar.

– Help retain clean teeth by using mouthwash or chewing sugarless gum after meals.

– Remember to brush your teeth twice daily and floss your teeth once daily.

– Be sure to listen to your dentist and attend your bi-annual professional cleanings.

If you are looking to restore your oral health, or enhance your smile further, contact Dr. Leida P. Stine and our team at Leida P. Stine, DDS, FAGD. We can be reached by calling us at 925.828.9993 to book a reservation to see us at our office in Dublin, California. We look forward to hearing from you soon!