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Invisalign® is as its name sounds–an orthodontic appliance made to be clear and discreet while improving the alignment of your smile. Each aligner in the series is custom designed to allow them to fit your unique smile snugly and correct the alignment of your teeth. Medical-grade thermoplastic material–created just for Invisalign, makes up these innovative devices, and the thin, clear plastic makes them nearly invisible against your smile, with minimal hassle to your speech patterns.

Since Invisalign is removable, it does not require any diet restrictions. Furthermore, your usual oral hygiene routine is sufficient for your smile as long as you remove your custom-made Invisalign aligner prior to eating food or cleaning your smile. Be careful to store your aligner in the case provided by Dr. Leida P. Stine when it’s not in your mouth. Rinse any plaque or food buildup in the aligner before placing it in your mouth.

About every two weeks, you will discard your aligner for a new one so that your Invisalign program can continue to not only move your teeth but also keep your dental progress so that you can enjoy timely orthodontic treatment.

The advanced 3D computer imaging technology used in Invisalign treatment helps our dentist and team predict the outcome of your treatment plan right away. We invite you to schedule a consultation at Leida P. Stine, DDS, FAGD if you have any questions about the process of Invisalign in Dublin, California. Give us a call at 925.828.9993 today!